World-class Standards

Pharos invests in state-of- the-art manufacturing systems to ensure high and consistent product quality, improved productivity and reliability. Currently Pharos operates four world-class factories in Indonesia, with several more planned. In addition, the Company is building a new factory in Vietnam.

CBOP (GMP) Certifcates

Pharos was the very first Indonesian pharmaceutical company to receive GMP (CPOB) certification and today we are certified to produce 24 world-standard pharmaceutical categories:

  • Antibiotic Topical Liquid

  • Non-Antibiotic Sterile Eye Drops

  • Antibiotic Sterile Eye Drops

  • Non-Antibiotic Suppository/Ovule

  • Antibiotic Suppository/Ovule

  • Non-Antibiotic Ointment/Cream

  • Antibiotic Ointment/Cream

  • Non-Antibiotic Injection

  • Antibiotic Injection

  • Non-Antibiotic Oral Powder

  • Non-Antibiotic Coated Tablets

  • Antibiotic Coated Tablet

  • Non-Antibiotic Hard Capsules

  • Antibiotic Hard Capsules

  • Non-Antibiotic Oral Liquid

  • Antibiotic Oral Liquid

  • Non-Antibiotic Tablets

  • Antibiotic Tablet

  • Antibiotic Oral Dry Suspension

  • Non-Antibiotic Topical Solution

  • Dry Syrup of Cephalosporine and its Derivatives

  • Tablets of Cephalosporine and its Derivatives

  • Hard Capsules of Cephalosporine and its Derivatives

  • Sterile Injection Powder of Cephalosporine and its Derivatives

Pharos Indonesia’s Competitive Advantages

Pharos is one of the few local companies providing full in-house capabilities; in addition Pharos has an established wide network to assist in launching new products into the highly competitive Indonesian market:

  • A Team of Regulatory and Tax Affairs Specialists

  • Our Own Product Registration Team

  • CPOB (GMP) Registration

  • Local BE Studies

  • Launching Support from our Retail Companies

  • A Team of more than 40 Product Management Specialists on Staff

  • A Complete and Innovative In-House MIS Support

  • Network of more than 15,000 Outlets

  • We own and operate more than 1,000 Pharmacy Outlets

  • In Addition we have More than 1,000 Retail Pharmacy Partners (we place one sales associate in each store so we can control promotion of selected brands).